Hooking up with cable

Media honchos sound off on emerging TV tech. Also: New FCC chairman is in a deregulatory mood.

CNET News staff
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High-tech companies have long been at odds with their cable counterparts, but the times could be changing.

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Entertainment and tech leaders look into the future of content delivery

Media honchos sound off on emerging TV tech

The government's deadline for a digital TV transition is unrealistic, execs say, and the verdict is still out on digital video recorders.
April 5, 2005

New FCC chairman bullish on deregulation

Kevin Martin tells cable execs that the commission wants to minimize regulation--but it also wants fewer indecency complaints.
April 5, 2005

Time Warner Cable tests tech to hold viewers

Effort intended to stem defections to TiVo services that are killing traditional linear programming.
April 5, 2005

Calling all TVs

Cox and Cablevision have in mind the ultimate feature for couch potatoes: answering the phone with your TV.
April 5, 2005

ABC to expand digital news network

"ABC News Now" is available on the Net and wireless devices. Eventually, users may be able to see its reports in any order they like.
April 5, 2005

Google queues up video

Search king is "going to start taking video submissions from people" in the next few days, Larry Page says.
April 4, 2005

Cable and tech feeling closer

Jerry Yang, Paul Allen and other luminaries sound off on ways cable and Silicon Valley can collaborate.
April 3, 2005

Bells see their future on a TV screen

SBC, Verizon and others aim to sell television programming in latest effort to crack a market in which they have had almost no presence.
The New York Times
April 4, 2005

Talking to the TV, and getting a response

At least two companies are developing speech-recognition products that will let viewers change channels with voice prompts.
The New York Times
April 3, 2005

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Cable honchos converge for annual pow-wow

Industry heavyweights will descend on San Francisco this weekend for their annual convention. Silicon Valley luminaries will join them.
April 1, 2005

Time Warner Cable begins cell phone trials

Cable provider takes first step into wireless market with an offering in Missouri.
March 31, 2005

Phone possibilities expand despite telecom mergers

Despite a consolidation wave, fresh technologies are providing more choices. But are the new offerings too expensive for the average Joe?
March 31, 2005

Paying for a TV service you didn't choose

For homeowners who don't want paid TV programming or would rather choose another provider, locked-in television fees amount to a tax.
The New York Times
March 31, 2005

Top court examines broadband competition

Case to determine whether cable companies can keep other service providers off their networks.
March 29, 2005