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Home videoconferencing a step closer

Intel says a new version of its ProShare software will bring home videoconferencing a step closer.

Intel's new version of its ProShare videoconferencing software adds support for two international standards that the company says brings it a step closer to making videoconferencing available to home users.

The standards--T.120 for data sharing and H.320 for multi-point conferencing--lets users of Intel's Video System 200 share files across data conferencing equipment from different vendors and hold videoconferencing meetings with up to 24 people in different locations, Intel said today.

"In 1997 I feel we can deliver videoconferencing to the home market, perhaps even for free," said Jim Johnson, vice president of marketing for Intel's Internet and communications group. "Our vision is to make every PC videoconferencing-enabled."

The standards have also been endorsed by several other vendors, including Compaq Computer, AT&T, MCI, and Lotus Development. Video System 200 runs on Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 and will cost $1,499.

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