High-tech IPOs buck trend

Amid fears of overvaluation, Net stocks went on a wild ride last week, but analysts say confidence in tech IPOs remains strong.

CNET News staff
Amid nervousness about overvaluation, Net stocks took investors for a wild ride last week with K-Tel falling after its dramatic entry and Inktomi doubling its IPO price. Tech offerings continue to defy market caution on initial offerings.

Tech market debuts still strong
news analysis Technology IPOs have bucked general market caution that has dampened for new offerings, analysts say.

Is Inktomi overrated?
Analysts say the search engine company's gains at this point may have more to do with investor euphoria than anything else.

Tech stocks drag down markets
Technology stocks extend their slide, dragging the rest of the market down amid nervousness about profits and a recession in Japan.

Amazon stock hears the music
update Amazon.com's foray into the music business is fraught with risks, but the response from Wall Street is more like, "What, me worry?"

Will K-Tel's stock fizzle?
Is K-Tel a one-hit wonder? That is the question after the music marketer's breathtaking climb and subsequent return to earth.

Inktomi doubles IPO price
update On the heels of a strong performance by Internet stocks, Inktomi jumps into the public realm and doubles its initial offering price.

Net stock rebound boosts Nasdaq
Nasdaq stocks pull higher as deals by America Online and CNET fire up a cyberspace recovery that is sending Internet stocks soaring.