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Harman Kardon's sound bar goes for $800

Harman has announced its newest premium price sound bar, the SB 30, featuring six 2-inch woofers and seven 1-inch tweeters.

Matthew Moskovciak Senior Associate Editor / Reviews - Home theater
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Matthew Moskovciak
Harman Kardon SB 30
Harman Kardon SB 30 Harman Kardon

Harman Kardon's SB 16 established that the company could charge a premium for its sound bar ($600), but actually back it up with superior performance.

Harman is upping the ante even further with the SB 30, the company's newest sound bar selling for a whopping $800. From the outside, you don't seem to get much more for your money, with it featuring a similar exterior design to the SB 16 and a wireless subwoofer. But inside, the SB 30 is packed with drivers, including six 2-inch woofers and seven 1-inch tweeters. Harman is also touting its dual faux-surround sound modes, virtual and Wave, with each mode customized for different listening experiences.

The SB30's toughest competitor might end up being Harman's SB 16 itself. The SB 16 sounds awfully good for a sound bar that's $200 less, so the SB 30 will need to deliver really impressive performance to justify the price hike.