Hands-on with the TomTom Ease

We got our hands on TomTom's newest entry-level GPS device and we have the pics to prove it.

Antuan Goodwin
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Click on the above image to see more photos of the TomTom Ease. Antuan Goodwin/CNET

LAS VEGAS--On Wednesday, we told you about TomTom's newest entry-level GPS device, the TomTom Ease, and now we have up-close photos of the device from the show floor. We still weren't able to coax a final price out of TomTom's reps, but we were able to confirm that the Ease will be priced in the $100 to $120 range.

After an admittedly quick poke through the Ease's menus and interface, we've concluded that TomTom's interface simplifications don't appear to extend too deeply into the menu structure. The new home screen is nice and slick with its large main buttons and an array of smaller secondary buttons, but dig deeper into the options and it seems like more of the same from TomTom.

Still, the inclusion of advanced features--such as IQ Routes, MapShare, and text-to-speech--on a fairly cheap GPS device are the makings of a great bargain. Check out the photos of the TomTom Ease and stay tuned for more details as they emerge.

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