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Google's Search app comes to Windows Phone 7

Unlike Google's browser offering, users can place this search on their phone's home screen as a live tile.

While Microsoft and Google continue to be fierce tech rivals, Web search is just one of those areas where it pays (literally) to be on as many platforms as possible--even if it's the other guy's.

That much can be seen with this morning's introduction of a Google Search application for Windows Phone 7.

The app, which can be found in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace by searching for "Google Search," lets WP7 users use Google's mobile search. Like Microsoft's apps on iOS and Android, it taps into things like your phone's location to add geo-awareness to your Web searches, along with suggestions as you type.

Missing from this version, although sure to be offered in a future update, is Google Instant, which made it to iOS and Android phones just last week. When that gets added, it will bring up result pages as users type.

Windows Phone 7 hits stores in North America today, after a three week head start in Europe and Australia.

Google's search on Windows Phone 7.
Google's search on Windows Phone 7. Google