Google wheels and deals

America Online lands a cool billion from a tech behemoth that casts a growing shadow over companies and countries alike.

CNET News staff
roundup The strategies behind Google's stake in America Online. Also, a group of technology and academic leaders in Japan explore whether the country should develop its own search engine.

Google, Time Warner strike $1 billion deal on AOL

The search giant takes a 5 percent stake in America Online for closer ties on ads, IM and video.
December 20, 2005

Japan may create its own search engine

A consortium of tech companies and universities will consider whether to take on today's search powerhouses.
December 21, 2005

Why governments tremble over Google Earth

The software's satellite images and mapping capabilities cause alarm over its display of sensitive sites.
December 20, 2005

Google knows, we like Janet Jackson best

blog Google has peered deep inside us, and found that at the heart of our secret hearts is Janet Jackson.
December 20, 2005

Google spotlights corporate search

video Dave Girouard, general manager of Google's enterprise group, talks about Google and the enterprise.
December 15, 2005

Whistling a new tune

New feature on search site designed to help people find lyrics, bands and CDs. One thing it's not: a music store.
December 15, 2005

Home pages get even more personal

Google offers third-party developers tools to help people spice up their home pages.
December 14, 2005