Google to invest $3.3 billion in European data centers

The search giant made the announcement the same day climate strikes kicked off around the world.

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Google this week also said it's making a major investment in renewable energy. 

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Google on Friday said it's investing 3 billion euros, or about $3.3 billion, in data centers across Europe over the next two years. 

The company also said it'll invest an additional 600 million euros next year to expand Google's data centers in Hamina, Finland. The moves bring Google's total investment in Europe's internet infrastructure to 15 billion euros since 2007, the company said. 

"We look forward to partnering with governments and other stakeholders in the months and years ahead," Google CEO Sundar Pichai wrote in a blog post. "Together, we can make sure every European benefits from a strong and sustainable digital economy."

He said the data center in Finland "serves as a model of sustainability and energy efficiency for all of our data centers."

Google made the announcement the same day climate strikes kicked off around the world, aimed at drawing international attention to environmental issues. Hundreds of Google employees said they'd join local protests

On Thursday, Pichai also said the company's making a major investment in renewable energy, with 18 new energy deals across the US, Chile and Europe. That includes purchasing energy from solar farms in South Carolina, North Carolina and Texas, and making data center investments in Chile that combine solar and wind power. On Friday, Pichai said nearly half of the megawatts the company is purchasing will be produced in Europe.

Earlier this year, Google said it was also expanding its data center presence in the US. The company said it's investing $13 billion in data centers and offices around the country, mostly in the Midwest, South and on the East Coast. That includes new and expanded data centers in Ohio, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Texas. New and expanded office locations include sites in Virginia, Georgia and Chicago.