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Google reportedly speeding up Glass rollout

The company has planned a "substantial" increase in production of its augmented reality glasses, according to a report. Also: Existing users will be able to trade in hardware for new models later this year.

Richard Nieva Former senior reporter
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Richard Nieva
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Google is looking to increase manufacturing volumes of Google Glass, its augmented reality glasses, in the coming months leading up to Christmas, according to a report Monday from the Financial Times.

Sources told the FT (subscription required) that Google's upping of production would be "substantial." Still, Google is not planning to sell the device to the general public until next year.

Google's current rollout has been with its Explorers program, which doled out around 10,000 units to developers, celebrities, and contest winners. The goal in the steady rollout is to get more people familiar with the product -- and all the privacy concerns that come with it -- ahead of its full launch.

Google said that the company had been gathering feedback from early users, and, based on their notes, is improving the hardware. Later this year, current users will be able to trade in their glasses for new models, which will work with future lines of shades and prescription frames, according to a Google+ post. The post also says existing owners will be able to invite three of their friends to buy it as well.

Google did not immediately return a request for comment. We'll update this post if we hear back.

Updated, 2:31 p.m. PT: Added more information about Google's plans to let existing users trade in their current glasses for new models.

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