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Google offers fee-based online ad analytics

Search giant partners with Zaaz for high-end offering while still resolving issues signing up customers for previous, free service.

Google is partnering with Seattle-based Zaaz to offer a fee-based service for advertisers who need more support, consulting and training than they can get from the search giant's free analytics service.

Zaaz will offer high-end data analysis and marketing services including accuracy audits and data collection best practices, forecasting models, competitive analysis and site optimization.

Google is still working to resolve issues related to signing up customers for its free Web analytics service, which was launched two months ago and is based on technology the company acquired when it purchased San Diego-based analytics firm Urchin. Customers reported service outages and problems accessing their accounts at the time.

Google said anyone seeking a new Google Analytics account will need to request an invitation.

"Today, we sent out another batch of invitations to many of you who expressed interest in a Google Analytics account," the company said in a posting on its Web site Thursday. "If you have not received an invitation, please continue to be patient. Although we are adding system capacity every day, the demand for Google Analytics accounts still outpaces our ability to add resources," Google said. "We are working hard and will continue to send out invitations as frequently as we can."

Microsoft also offers a service that lets customers monitor how their online ad campaigns are faring. Last month, Yahoo launched a service that lets customers compare the effectiveness of online ads side-by-side with advertisements on radio, television and in print.