Google I/O 2014 registration pushed to April 15

Prospective attendees were supposed to be able to start signing up for the conference on Tuesday, but it's been pushed back a week to make it "even easier" for users.

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger
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Google I/O, the search company's annual developers conference, won't be open for registration on Tuesday as planned.

Google initially planned to offer registration to the show starting on Tuesday but announced on its Google+ Developers page that its sign-up window has now been pushed back to April 15.

"We're still working to make the registration process even easier for you, and it will now be open four days starting next week (opening next Tuesday and closing Friday)," Google wrote on its social network. "After the registration window closes, applicants will randomly be selected and we'll send ticket purchase confirmation emails shortly thereafter."

Google I/O is one of the most popular developer events of the year. The annual show gives Google a platform to announce advancements in Android, Chrome OS, and other products it offers, and give developers the opportunity to show off their own wares. The show usually sells out in minutes, so this year Google is offering prospective attendees the opportunity to sign up for a lottery. Google will then randomly select people from that list.

If that sounds familiar, it's because Apple has started a similar lottery for its own Worldwide Developers Conference. Registration on Apple's event, which kicks off on June 2, ended yesterday.

That Google has pushed back registration for the I/O lottery one week likely won't matter to developers. The event is still far enough off that the search company will have more than enough time to identify the lottery winners and get attendees ready for the show.

Google I/O will be held on June 25 and June 26 in San Francisco.

CNET has contacted Google for comment and will update this story when we have more information.

Google shares are up 0.34 percent to $540 in pre-market trading on Tuesday.