Google Doodle celebrates the 2018 Winter Olympics

The Doodle Snow Games will be running throughout the event.

Nicholas Tufnell Associate Editor

"It looks like the whole animal kingdom has turned out to watch the excitement unfold over the next two weeks!"


The PyeongChang Winter Olympics are officially under way. And Google is celebrating with a series of animated Doodles.

The Doodle Snow Games will comprise 17 animations, which will appear at the top of the Google homepage from now until Feb. 25.

Friday's Doodle features a series of animals competing in the games, including a ski-jumping penguin and a figure-skating snake leaping into a "single-footed triple-axel."

Google Doodles bring a regular dose of whimsy, timeliness and historical reflection to the otherwise minimalist appearance of the world's most visited search engine. They're almost as old as Google itself, having started back in 1998 with a Burning Man stick figure that indicated co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin were away at the annual festival. The doodling crew now numbers some 30 people, including animators, engineers and designers.

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