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Good scores deals with Sprint, Microsoft

The Sprint partnership means Good, a rival of RIM, now has contracts with the five major carriers in the United States.

Looking to put a dent in the BlackBerry market, Good Technology on Monday announced partnerships with Sprint, Microsoft and Samsung.

Good Technology sells products similar to those that Research In Motion made famous with its BlackBerry device and service. Good's GoodLink wireless corporate e-mail service, for instance, is meant to help keep employees in the loop. The company also makes support software applications and back-end server software.

In the most significant of several announcements, Good said it will now work with directly with telecommunications provider Sprint. Good's services were previously available to Sprint business customers only through third-party suppliers.

Devices now available through Sprint for use with the Good service include its Sprint PCS Smart Device Treo 650, made by PalmOne, and the Sprint PCS Smart Device PPC 6600/6601, made by Audiovox.

A $1,500 starter package includes one year of support from Good, which can also be broken down into smaller plans.

The Sprint partnership means Good now has contracts with the five major carriers in the United States. The deal is similar to one that Good unveiled back in May with Cingular Wireless, a joint venture between SBC Communications and BellSouth.

Good CEO Danny Shader said that his company's wireless e-mail service is now used by more than 6,500 companies and that it ties into 100 wireless carriers in 50 countries.

Santa Clara, Calif.-based Good also has announced the latest version of GoodLink, which is designed for Microsoft Windows Mobile smart phones, and future support for Symbian-powered Nokia handhelds. The Microsoft support is initially available in the U.S. on the Motorola MPx220 and Audiovox SMT5600 through Cingular.

Additionally, Good announced its GoodLink Lotus Domino Edition that will be available in the first half of 2006. Good said it will use the acquisition of technology and engineers from JP Mobile to tap into the more than 118 million Lotus users worldwide. A Good Technology representative said the company is currently discussing a formal partnership with IBM. Good also said its software and services are now supported on Samsung's i730 through the Verizon Wireless network.

In addition, the company announced an upgrade in its security software and support for French, Italian, German and Spanish in the latest update to its products.

Good's push comes at a time when its chief rival is hitting legal roadblocks. RIM is engaged in a dispute with Virginia-based patent-holding company NTP. Good is an NTP licensee.