Global Village ships 56K modems

Modems in the TelePort 56 family support either K56flex or x2 technology.

Global Village (GVIL) says it is now shipping all models in its TelePort 56 family of 56-kbps modems.

The company is shipping modems with either K56flex technology from Rockwell and Lucent or x2 technology from U.S. Robotics.

Global Village says its products incorporate a DSP (digital signal processor) which lets the modem software be upgraded to future standards.

Currently, 56-kbps technology from Rockwell or Lucent doesn't interoperate with U.S. Robotics' 56-kbps technology. As with all 56-kbps modems, users have to make sure their modems are compatible with their service providers' in order to attain the higher connection speed. Otherwise, data will move at 33.6 kbps.

Global Village's TelePort 56 for Windows computers has an estimated street price of $159 for the internal version and $169 for the external version. The TelePort 56 external modem for Mac computers is available with K56flex technology or x2 technology and has an estimated street price of $219 for either version.