Get instant pulse readings with iSpO2 for iPhone, iPad

Need a pulse check? iSpO2 -- an iPhone and iPad accessory -- gives you an immediate reading on your vitals.

Jennifer Van Grove
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iSp02 by Masimo
Jennifer Van Grove/CNET

LAS VEGAS--The iSpO2 by Masimo ports the hospital checkup experience to iPhones and iPads and makes on-the-spot pulse readings available to active types wherever they are.

iSpO2 is a consumer pulse oximeter that connects to most Apple i-devices and comes with a sensor that you slip on to your ring finger for immediate oxygen, pulse rate, and perfusion index readings.

While not intended for home use, the idea behind iSpO2 is to help fitness fanatics, aviators, skiers, and extreme sports enthusiasts find out crucial information on their vitals without the need for a physician. Max Safai, senior vice president of business development, who demoed the unit for CNET, said that people can also send the data to their doctors for tracking purposes.

"This is our first consumer product," Safai said. "You really are, with this product, inheriting 24 years of experience ... measuring oxygen or motion when you're in distress or your hands are moving is very difficult."

The device retails for $249 on Amazon.com and is being shown off at CES. Masimo has been making professional-grade medical equipment for 24 years.