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Generating ideas for energy's future

Start-ups, utilities and government agencies hunt for energy tech with an edge. A California conference brings all the players together.

Start-ups, utilities and government agencies are all in the hunt for energy tech with an edge. A California conference brings all the players together.

Buy a house, get the electric car thrown in

Porteon is the latest entry into the (s)low-speed vehicle market.
October 24, 2007

Peak oil projections from Chevron's CTO

What's a planet to do when there's only about a trillion gallons of oil readily available for human consumption?
October 24, 2007

Big price hikes for peak power likely for Californians

If you run the dryer in the daytime and live in California, expect to pay for the privilege in the future.
October 24, 2007

Fisker: High-performance plug-in hybrid coming in 2009

The company is planning to come to market in about 18 months with a high-end plug-in hybrid sedan that will cost about $80,000.
October 24, 2007

Start-up says it can make solar panels out of dirty silicon

CaliSolar says you can make solar panels with impure silicon--you just have to know how to isolate the undesirables.
October 23, 2007

Thinking small with tidal power

Puget Sound Tidal Power and others are proposing wave and tidal power systems that would be capable of generating megawatts of power.
October 23, 2007

What holds back electric cars? Car dealers, says VC

Automakers have created an environment that make it tough for new, electric car companies to squeeze into the market, venture capitalist says.
October 23, 2007

Wider variety of ethanol blends on the way, DOE official says

The Department of Energy's assistant secretary of energy efficiency says there needs to be a greater variety of gas-ethanol blends.
October 23, 2007

Under the entrepreneur in residence program, the agency will invite executives to set up shop inside select labs to assess technologies.
October 23, 2007