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Gateway eyes corporate market

CEO Ted Waitt and others will detail the manufacturer's strategy for large corporate customers next week in New York.

Gateway 2000 (GTW) will detail its strategy for large corporate customers next week in New York.

Ted Waitt, Gateway?s CEO, will discuss new products and strategies along with the company?s senior management team for corporate computing. Together, they'll show the new line of Gateway 2000 Enterprise systems and solutions and Gateway's Enterprise "E" series products including notebook PCs, networked computing products, and "convergence" products such as the Destination Big Screen PC-TV.

Back in May, Gateway introduced the E series of computers featuring the E-1000 system, which comes with a 166-MHz Pentium processor, 16MB of memory, a 1.2GB hard drive, and an integrated 10/100 Ethernet. System pricing without a display and in large quantities is less than $900, the company said. Pricing starts at $1,249 with a 15-inch monitor.

Gateway?s planned purchase of ALR, a major server vendor, will also boost its corporate presence. The ALR buyout will make Gateway a serious option for corporate clients who want to buy both desktop PCs and servers from the same vendor. With ALR, Gateway now becomes a one-stop shop for corporate customers.