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Gates: Microsoft ready to go 'live'

New services tied to Windows and Office are on the way in a "sea change" for the software leviathan. New competitors in Microsoft's crosshairs

New services tied to Windows and Office are on the way in a "sea change" for the software leviathan as it confronts online rivals such as Google.
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Bill Gates, Chairman, Microsoft

Gates: We're entering the 'live era' of software

Microsoft's chairman launches Web-based tools tied to its Windows and Office products.
November 1, 2005

New competitors in Microsoft's crosshairs

Plenty of companies will get caught in the wake as Microsoft races to compete with Google.
November 1, 2005

Google chase could trip up Microsoft

Analysts say Redmond's push into services is needed--but it risks rendering obsolete the company's ultra-profitable way of doing things.
November 1, 2005

Google hiring like it's 1999

The search giant is stocking up on engineers and more as it races to keep pace with its own ambitions.
October 31, 2005

Supreme Court won't review Microsoft patent appeal

With Microsoft facing preliminary verdict of more than $500 million for alleged patent infringement, proceedings now continue before federal district judge.
October 31, 2005

Microsoft checks out the iPod way

CTO Ray Ozzie says the music player is a good example of where the software giant could head with its services push.
October 26, 2005 previous coverage

Microsoft reorg a bulwark against Google?

Search giant's expanding roster of Windows-free Web services may be factor in shuffle. Software on demand is an issue too.
September 20, 2005

Gates on Google: What, me worry?

newsmaker Growing clout of Web-based development is much in evidence as Microsoft courts developers. But is Bill Gates losing sleep? Nah.
September 13, 2005