Garmin introduces lifetime map-update program

Along with two new GPS products, Garmin announced a program at CES 2009 that allows you to receive lifetime map updates for a one-time fee.

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Bonnie Cha

Updating your GPS with the latest map updates can get quite expensive, but Garmin is hoping to offer its customers a better deal with its new nuMaps Lifetime Map Update Program.

For a one-time fee, you'll be able to download new points of interest, streets, and addresses to your Garmin unit for life. Subscribers will be alerted to new updates (up to four times a year) via e-mail and maps will be downloaded directly to your computer to be transferred to the GPS via USB cable. There are some restrictions in that you can't transfer the subscription to another Garmin GPS or if you eventually sell your unit.

There are three different versions of the nuMaps Lifetime Map Update Program: City Navigator NT North America updates ($119.99);City Navigator Europe NT ($139.99); and City Navigator Transatlantic ($149.99). Not a bad deal when you consider a single map update (called nuMaps Onetime) costs $69.99. The program will be available starting January 21.