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Former cable TV bigwig joins Apple as part of 'something big'

A comment on Jean-François Mulé's LinkedIn page has again spurred questions about what exactly Apple is up to on the television side of the technology equation.

Apple TV
Whatever might Mulé be working on at Apple?

Apple two months ago hired a former cable TV executive, it has been revealed on his LinkedIn page.

Jean-François Mulé has reported on his LinkedIn page that he's now employed by Apple as an engineering director. As with other Apple employees, Mulé is coy about his duties at the company, but has sparked some interest from the media, saying on his page that he's "challenged, inspired and part of something big."

Not surprisingly, the Web is abuzz by what that "something big" might be. Did Apple bring Mulé on to help it deliver the long-rumored television it's supposedly working on? Is Apple reimagining how cable TV is delivered to the home with Mulé's help? Speculation is afoot.

Still, there might be less to the comment than meets the imagination. Apple is a "big" company, after all, and just because someone says that they're part of something large, it doesn't necessarily mean that they're working on anything that could be groundbreaking.

That Apple has hired Mulé, however, is notable. Before joining the company, he was senior vice president at not-for-profit organization CableLabs. In that role, he worked on new television technologies, including apps, that could then be integrated into products sold by vendors.

CNET has contacted Apple for comment on Mulé's hiring. We will update this story when we have more information.

(Via AppleInsider)