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Forbes: iPhone App Store could launch Thursday

Apple could have the iPhone App Store up and running as early as tomorrow to make sure the New Zealanders have third-party applications available when they buy their iPhone 3Gs.

Super Monkey Ball? Tomorrow?
James Martin/CNET News

Apple may be launching its iPhone App Store a day earlier than expected, because the sun never sets on the iPhone empire.

Forbes is reporting that Apple will launch the App Store--the delivery vehicle for third-party iPhone applications--at 9 a.m. PDT on Thursday, which happens to coincide with midnight New Zealand time Friday, where the iPhone 3G will make its worldwide debut. The App Store will be preinstalled on every iPhone 3G, but it will also be available as a download for owners of the current iPhone.

That means that some third-party iPhone applications could be ready to arrive as early as tomorrow afternoon, giving those waiting in line for the iPhone 3G a chance to practice Sega's Super Monkey Ball while killing time. Apple had previously said the App Store wasn't coming until July 11th, but to be fair, it didn't specify the time zone it meant.