For Intel, China looms large

With Beijing as IDF venue and plans to build a wafer fab, chipmaker signals importance it places on the booming Asian nation.

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With Beijing as the venue for this week's Intel Developer Forum, and with plans to build a wafer fab, the chipmaker signals the importance it places on the booming Asian nation.

Photos: A high-tech future dawns in China

Beijing is a blend of the old and the new, from Lenovo's headquarters to the massive groundwork for the 2008 Summer Olympics.
April 19, 2007

Bill Gates sees tech revolution without limits

More-powerful chips, improved software and high-capacity wireless networks will make it even easier to use tech's resources, he says.
April 19, 2007

China's PC buyers want notebooks, too

China is a complicated PC market, with sophisticated buyers in the cities as well as poorer customers in rural areas.
April 18, 2007

Photos: It's ultramobile PC day in China

Wednesday marked UMPC (ultramobile PC) day at the Intel Developer Forum in Beijing.
April 18, 2007

Ultramobile PCs to get boost from Intel

Despite tepid sales (remember Origami?), a new generation of ultramobile PCs will arrive this year, and next year they might run on Linux.
April 17, 2007

Intel moves closer to flash memory replacement

Chipmaker demonstrates memory chip based on a concept it has been tinkering with for three decades.
April 17, 2007

Intel to gamers: Eight is enough

blog The Skulltrail platform for game enthusiasts doubles up quad-core chips. But is game software ready for that much power?
April 17, 2007

Chips could assist remote tech support

blog The idea involves appropriating the vPro tech from the business side of Intel's house and developing a version for home PCs.
April 17, 2007

Photos: A Chinese Intel Developer Forum

In Beijing, Intel highlights its expanding Chinese operation and showcases some innovative PC designs that use its chips.
April 17, 2007

Intel's chips taking on new work

Chipmaker wants to get PC tech into places it currently doesn't dominate: consumer electronics and telecom equipment.
April 16, 2007

Intel R&D on slow boat to China

Building chips in China is one thing. Moving Intel's critical research and development to China isn't in the cards just yet.
April 16, 2007

Photos: Intel's China chip site

As the chipmaker hosts its developer forum in Beijing, it's also ready to begin construction of a nearby wafer fab.
April 16, 2007

A mobile Internet device from Intel?

blogma The acronym UMPC is as obscure to the mass market as the handheld computers, despite the efforts of Microsoft, Intel, Samsung.
April 16, 2007

Intel set to showcase China operation

Chipmaker's decision to hold developer conference in Beijing next week emphasizes how important China is to its future.
April 13, 2007

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Intel to produce chips in China

The chipmaker has labs and testing facilities in China. In a few years, it will make chips there too.
March 25, 2007