FlipSync keeps iPod cable in reach

Senior Editor Donald Bell confesses that the product he wanted most from CES 2010 was a $20 iPod cable from Scosche called the FlipSync.

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Photo of the FlipSync keychain cable from Scosche.
The FlipSync keychain cable from Scosche. Scosche

Call it an occupational hazard, but as CNET's senior editor for MP3 player reviews, I'm constantly being called on to loan out iPod/iPhone cables to co-workers. I'm not complaining--in fact, it's sorta nice to feel like I can save someone's day with an iPod cable. If anything, I wish I could carry an extra iPod cable with me at all times, poised and ready to bail out a friend's dying iPhone or transfer music to my iPod.

That's why I freaked when I saw the $20 FlipSync cable on display at the Scosche booth at CES. They boiled Apple's cable down to a little keychain, placing an iPod connector on one end, and on the other end, a USB plug whittled down to just the pins. No, it's not as glamorous as a 3D plasma screen TV, but as someone who's constantly keeping track of iPod cables, this thing looks like a godsend.

The FlipSync is due out in the first quarter, along with a smartphone version that doles out both mini and micro USB. To see more iPod accessories Scosche has on the horizon, head on through to our CNET photo gallery.

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