Flamenco updates Web services software

Martin LaMonica Former Staff writer, CNET News
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Martin LaMonica

Flamenco Networks on Monday released a new version of its Web services management software that allows customers to stay abreast of changes in Web services standards without having to rewrite existing applications.

Flamenco's software is designed to exchange information securely between applications, particularly in a business-to-business scenario, using a set of XML-based standards called Web services. Flamenco Web Services Management 4.0 includes a feature that lets administrators update the Flamenco software so that it can use the latest versions of Web services standards, including WS-Security and the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP). By improving its support for the WS-Security specification, the latest version will make it simpler for Flamenco customers to share information with business partners over the Internet that don't use Flamenco software, the company said. Flamenco also rewrote its software to improve the performance of Web services applications. Pricing starts at $100,000.