First glimpse at the inside of Apple's new iMac line

The 21.5-inch model, which went on sale today, has been broken down and gutted for others to see.

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger

Apple's new iMac has been taken apart and gutted for the world to see.

Japanese Apple blog Kodawarisan today unboxed the iMac and then decided to take it one step further by fully disassembling the new computer. You can see the full set of teardown pictures here.

The blog didn't spend too much time discussing the internal components, but did find that it took a "vacuum lifter" to peel the screen away from the back of the computer and see inside. Behind the display, the blog found a surprisingly tidy collection of components packed into an extremely cramped space.

Many of the components appear to be kept away from the display by being covered under plastic compartments. A single band extends from the middle of the iMac to the top to connect the device's FaceTime camera.

Perhaps the most interesting addition to the iMac is its oddly shaped logic board. Rather than the standard rectangular board, the iMac's board has a cut-out at the bottom to accommodate its design. The board, however, is awfully neat, making for a surprisingly simple internal design.

Apple announced the new iMac line last month, and released the 21.5-inch model -- which Kodawarisan took apart -- today. The 27-inch version will be shipping in two to three weeks. As with other iMacs, it appears this model is extremely difficult to take apart -- a common attribute of Apple's products.

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