First-gen iPad 3G gets $100 price cut by AT&T

AT&T is heavily discounting pricing on the first generation iPad, cutting up to $300 off the original price tag for the 3G versions of the device.

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AT&T is selling original iPads with 3G at a deeper discount than Apple.
AT&T is selling original iPads with 3G at a deeper discount than Apple. Screenshot by CNET

If you were on the fence between an original iPad and its successor, AT&T may have just made your buying decision a little more difficult.

As noted by CNET contributor Jim Dalrymple on his personal blog The Loop, AT&T today cut the price of the original iPad with 3G by $100, putting the 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB models on sale at $429, $529, and $629 respectively. By comparison, those units cost $629, $729, and $829 when they were first released.

This is the second price cut to hit the first-generation iPad. In the first one, which occurred following the announcement of the iPad 2, Apple took $100 off the base price, while throwing buyers who may have bought an iPad in the two weeks leading up to the announcement a $100 refund.

Apple continues to sell brand-new versions of the 3G version of the first iPad at $100 off its original price, and refurbished versions of the device at $150 to $170 off depending on the model, leaving buyers who go through AT&T getting a better deal in either case.

In order to use the 3G service, users need to sign on to one of the two, prepaid data plans, which can be done from the unit itself. Additionally AT&T is currently running a promotion where new users of its DataConnect personal plans get the first month of 2GB of data free of charge.

As of this post's publishing, AT&T's online store appears to be out of stock of the 32GB model, however the 16GB and 64GB models are still available.