Fastest PowerPC boxes ship

Power Computing unveils computers with the high-performance 250-MHz 604e PowerPC processor.

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After a false start caused by limited availability of the processor, Power Computing today officially unveiled the fastest PowerPC-based Mac clones yet.

The PowerTower Pro 250 systems are built around the 250-MHz 604e PowerPC processor from IBM (IBM).

The new boxes, along with 250-MHz 604e systems from Umax Computer, were originally set to be introduced in March. Both companies actually placed ads featuring the new computers before IBM officially announced the new chip. When IBM decided to delay the rollout of the processor, the new systems were stuck in the gate.

The PowerPC 604e is a workstation- and server-class processor aimed at the same markets as Intel's Pentium II or Pentium Pro processors. In fact, Power Computing claims that its new 250-MHz systems outperform its Pentium and Pentium II counterparts.

As previously reported by CNET's NEWS.COM, the PowerTower Pro 250 features PowerPC 604e 250-MHz chips and comes with a standard configuration of 32MB of RAM, a 2GB hard disk drive, and a 16X CD-ROM. The system will ship with a standard 1MB of level-two cache and 128-bit graphics accelerator card, six PCI slots, and nine expansion bays.

The PowerTower Pro 250 is priced at $4,495 and is currently shipping in limited quantities. Power Computing expects to ship in volume by June.

Although not officially announced, a dual-processor PowerTower Pro 250MP is expected to also ship by mid- to late June, according to a company spokesperson. The 250MP is expected to sell for less than $6,000, although pricing could change by time of introduction.

Umax Computer expects to announce within the next two weeks a shipping schedule for its own 250-MHz system, according to an official with the company. The Umax SuperMac S900 604e/250 is expected to have one 250-MHz 604e PowerPC processor, 32MB of memory, and a 2.1GB Ultra SCSI drive.