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Europe poised to hit Microsoft over browser choice

Competition chief says the European Commission is preparing to charge Microsoft over its Windows 7 browser choice failure. It's eyeing formal antitrust proceedings against Google too.

Microsoft's Internet Explorer -- just one of a number of browser choices out there.

The European Commission has reiterated plans to turn the thumbscrews on both Microsoft and Google over antitrust concerns.

European antitrust commissioner Joaquín Almunia said in a speech today in Warsaw that both "world brands" were in the Commission's sights -- Microsoft over its failure to properly offer users a choice of browser, Google over its fears the tech giant "had used its dominance in online search to foreclose advertisers and rivals."

"In the past, we have taken on companies such as Microsoft. To meet one of our concerns, the company pledged to let consumers choose which Web browser they would use with its Windows operating system. By its own admission, Microsoft has failed to keep its promise. I take compliance very seriously and we are now considering the next steps," Alumnia said.

Alumnia told Reuters that the Commission is now preparing to charge Microsoft.

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