Eudora free from email bug

Qualcomm says its popular email program, Eudora, is not susceptible to the security flaw affecting Microsoft and Netscape's email software.

Mike Ricciuti Staff writer, CNET News
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Mike Ricciuti
Qualcomm, maker of the popular email program Eudora, said that its products are not susceptible to the long file name security flaw affecting Microsoft and Netscape Communications' email software.

The company posted a notice to its Web site which states that its Eudora Pro Email, Eudora Pro CommCenter, and Eudora Light software are "not susceptible to the types of attacks that can harm the computers of users of these other products," referring to Microsoft Outlook Express, Outlook 98, and Netscape Mail.

Qualcomm said Eudora does not allow unauthorized programs to be automatically executed on a user's system.

As reported earlier this week, the flaw involves file attachments that have very long names. When a user attempts to download, open, or launch a file attachment that has a name longer than 200 characters, the action might cause the email software to crash. At that point, a skilled hacker could possibly run arbitrary code in the computer's memory, according to a security bulletin posted by Microsoft.