EU approves Intel-McAfee purchase

A month after the FTC approved the $7.68 billion acquisition, European regulators have now given the deal their approval.

Jack Clark

European Commission antitrust regulators have given the go-ahead for chipmaker Intel's multibillion-dollar acquisition of security specialist McAfee.

The Commission said today that it has approved the deal between the Santa Clara, Calif.-based companies, subject to conditions around the potential bundling of Intel's hardware with McAfee's security products.

EU regulators were specifically concerned that security software from other companies "might have suffered from a lack of interoperability with Intel CPUs and chipsets," it said.

To allay the EU's concerns, Intel has promised to ensure that rival security vendors will have access to "all necessary information" to use the functionalities of Intel's CPUs and chipsets in the same way as those functionalities are used by McAfee, the commission said in a statement.

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