Election Day problems: Share what you see

The CBS News Investigates team wants to know what irregularities or other issues you run into in the polling place. Send pictures or video to CBS Eye Mobile.

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Jon Skillings

For many Americans, the trip to the voting booth Tuesday will be unremarkable in certain respects--put the check mark next to the favored candidate's name, put the ballot in the ballot box, and be done with it.

For others, however, the experience will be fraught with some sort of frustration, from faulty voting machines to interminable waits and other inconveniences.

If you fall into the latter group, our colleagues at CBS News Investigates want to hear from you. Document the irregularities or other problems you encounter with your cell phone camera, Flip videocam, or other device, and then upload that content to the CBS News social-media site CBS Eye Mobile. Alternatively, you can submit by e-mail to the address politics@cbseyemobile.com.

The CBS News Investigates team will monitor those submissions, and may then present select ones in election coverage at CBSNews.com or in on-air reports.

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