eBay site goes down during technical repairs

The online auction leader suffers through a site outage this morning as it works on technical repairs, the second such downtime in two days.

Online auction leader eBay suffered a site outage this morning, the second such downtime in two days.

According to the company's announcement board, the auction site was unavailable between 1:31 a.m. and 3:17 a.m. PT today. The company said the site went down as it was repairing its backup system in an attempt to correct problems related to yesterday's one-hour outage.

"We will continue to work to address the issues causing the outage, and we will continue to keep a close eye on things," the company said in a statement on the board. "Thank you for your patience."

Company spokesman Kevin Pursglove said "hardware issues" caused both yesterday's and today's outages, but he declined to give further details.

Pursglove said that the work being done on the backup system prolonged the outage but did not cause it. Since the backup system was unavailable during the work, eBay couldn't immediately switch over to the system when its primary server system failed.

"It took little bit longer than normal to make the necessary corrections to the backup system and then make the switchover," Pursglove said.

Today's outage is only the latest in a series of technical snafus for the auction giant. After a number of problems earlier this year, eBay installed a backup system to limit downtimes.

But the new system has not eliminated service concerns altogether. Last month, eBay's system went down a total of four times in five days.