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eBay nabs Apple's e-commerce head to be chief product officer

eBay says former Apple e-commerce chief RJ Pittman will be its new chief product officer.

RJ Pittman

Commerce giant eBay on Thursday announced that it's hired away an Apple executive to become its chief product officer.

RJ Pittman, who spent the last three years running Apple's worldwide e-commerce operation, is eBay's new CPO, the company said in a statement.

The role is new for eBay and includes running the company's product and development strategies.

Before his stint at Apple, Pittman spent three years at the top of Google's product management group where he also served as a speaker and evangelist at various public events.

The move comes as Apple rejiggers its retail strategy. Earlier this week, it announced the hiring of Angela Ahrendts from Burberry to run its retail business, a job that was vacant for nearly a year. A leaked memo from CEO Tim Cook noted that Ahrendts would lead both the retail and online parts of Apple's business.