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eBay looking to unload StumbleUpon?

Online auctioneer reportedly has hired Deutsche Bank to find a buyer for its Web site discovery service, StumbleUpon.

eBay's tie-up with StumbleUpon may be about to tumble.

According to a report in TechCrunch, eBay has hired Deutsche Bank to handle a sale of its Web site discovery service StumbleUpon, which it acquired a little over a year ago for roughly $75 million.

StumbleUpon takes a gander at the Web sites that people have visited and makes recommendations about other sites and videos that they may like.

In the report, TechCrunch cites a source who says that eBay is hoping to use Deutsche Bank to land the "right buyer," though the asking price is unknown and uncertainty exists whether the online retailing giant will be able to get what it paid, or will have to run the proverbial blue light special.

According to the report:

In July, StumbleUpon had 1.3 million worldwide visitors and 25 million page views. Twelve months earlier, the service attracted 4.4 million visitors and 31 million page views (ComScore).

StumbleUpon currently has more than 6 million registered users.