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eBay, Continental team on auction site

But to bid on sporting events, vacation packages and other performances, the currency of choice is miles from the airline's frequent-flier program.

eBay and Continental Airlines have launched a Web site that lets people bid on events and vacation packages using frequent-flier miles.

The site features sporting events and performing arts packages available exclusively to members of OnePass, Continental's frequent-flier program. The site also has vacation deals and other items that will be listed on the eBay Travel site and available for purchase by eBay bidders.

The premium events will focus on Continental's hub cities of Houston, Cleveland and New York. (The airline's New York area hub is based at Newark International Airport in New Jersey.) Featured events include tickets and clinics with the Houston Astros, Cleveland Indians, Cleveland Browns, New York Yankees, New Jersey Nets and New Jersey Devils, and private receptions with performers from the New York Philharmonic, Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center and Houston Grand Opera, among others.

Bidders will be required to register and create a OnePass Online Auction profile using their OnePass number and personal identification number. Members must have miles in their account at the time of the transaction. eBay will send redemption information to the winning bidder.

eBay recently revamped its travel site, featuring discount airline tickets and hotel rooms from, as well as tickets, time-share rentals and luggage offered by eBay members.

eBay on Wednesday also announced a new monthly service with wireless company InPhonic that will let people more easily bid on items using their cell phones.