E Fun launching three new Android tablets

The onsumer electronics company is unveiling a new 10-inch tablet and two 7-inch tablets, one with an integrated wireless digital pen.

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The Next4 tablet
The Next4 tablet E-Fun

Consumer electronics company E Fun is bumping up its lineup of Android tablets.

Appearing at CES this week, E Fun will be demoing its new Next4, Next5, and Next6 tablets, all with built-in Wi-Fi and access to the Borders e-book store.

Running Android 2.2, the 10.1-inch Next4 will retail for $349.99, while the Android 2.1-equipped 7-inch Next6 will cost consumers $269.99. Both models include 2GB of memory, an SD card slot, a viewer for MP3 files and photos, built-in speakers, 25 pre-loaded books, and a G-sensor accelerometer that reacts when you tilt and move the device.

The Next5 tablet
The Next5 tablet E-Fun

Another 7-inch device, dubbed the Next5, comes with similar features, except there's no mention of the G-sensor.

But the Next5 also includes an integrated APEN digital pen. The pen connects to the tablet wirelessly, letting people write and save notes and e-mails and create drawings. Running Android 2.1, the Next5 will retail for $279.99.

The Next4 and Next6 will hit the consumer market in the second quarter of 2011, while the Next5 will appear in April.

Based in California, E Fun designs electronic "lifestyle" products for the average consumer, with Next2 and Next3 Android tablets and digital pen among its initial products.