DisplayLink debuts 15-inch portable display

DisplayLink and Mobile Monitor Technologies reveal their Monitor2Go portable monitor. The monitor includes an LED backlight and weighs a scant 4 pounds.

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The Monitor2Go definitely has a sleek aesthetic. DisplayLink

LAS VEGAS--I recently began using a dual monitor setup at CNET and although I've yet to determine whether my productivity has improved since leaving the single monitor world behind, I at least feel like I'm getting more done. That or I just really like having all that desktop real estate and am not interested in giving it up anytime soon--increased productivity or not.

This week I'm in Las Vegas and unfortunately I won't have a dual monitor setup in my hotel room since (believe it or not) CNET was not willing to foot the bill to ship the Apple 27-inch LED Cinema Display to be here when I arrived. I guess I can do without for a few days.

As it turns out however, I'm not the only person who'd like to take it with them. DisplayLink and Mobile Monitor Technologies today announced the Monitor2Go, which according to DisplayLink is the industry's first "totally portable," "desktop quality," 15.4-inch "monitor" monitor. Sorry, got quote crazy there for a sec.

The monitor weighs 4 pounds and uses DisplayLink's USB virtual graphics, allowing people to daisy-chain up to six of them via USB. You know, just in case you have that much room in your travel bag and feel so inclined.

The screen can be viewed in either portrait or landscape modes, is LED-backlit, and features 1,280x800-pixel resolution. That's a little disappointing as support for 1,440x900-pixel resolution would have been ideal.

The Monitor2Go will be compatible with both Macs and PCs and is set to launch in Q1 at an estimated retail price of $279.

We hope we'll get a hand-on look this week and report back with more information.

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