Disney bets on flower power

The Mouse hooks up with FTD to offer an online flower-delievery service. And the company hints that it will announce a partnership with a video retailer next week.

Jim Hu Staff Writer, CNET News.com
Jim Hu
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Jim Hu
Furthering its efforts to capitalize on online holiday shopping, Disney is taking on flowers.

The entertainment behemoth has teamed up with flower delivery service FTD, and has launched Disney Flowers.

Users who access the service via Disney.com can order flowers that come in vases adorned with Disney cartoon characters. Visitors can also place specialty orders, such as bouquets that come in Winnie the Pooh containers.

Disney quietly posted a link to the service on November 23, the company confirmed today. The company was planning to announce the service later this week.

The partnership with FTD is an extension of an existing licensing relationship between the two companies offline. FTD joins Music Boulevard and Barnes and Noble as e-commerce partners that have built specialty Disney "boutiques," according to Chuck Davis, Disney senior vice president, e-commerce. And there's more on the way for Disney.

"We've got a video partner to Commerce eclipsing content complement the Disney videos we have in Disney stores," said Davis, hinting at an announcement with a video retailer slated for next week. "It's a partner that has worked with us to create a family video area that you'll see in the Disney store and across other Disney Internet ventures."

Disney has heavily touted this holiday season as a major e-commerce opportunity. It already has begun promoting its online shopping outlets on Disney.com, and its sports paraphernalia retail store on ESPN SportsZone.

Market research firms have released predictions about e-commerce revenue potential for this holiday season totaling in the billions.