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Digital sub-$900 PCs get cheaper

Digital cuts business PC prices by 20 percent in advance of next week's major announcement from Intel.

Digital Equipment (DEC) clipped prices by up to 20 percent on its line of business PCs, lowering the cost of sub-$900 and sub-$1,000 models as well as high-end machines.

Digital's lowest-priced desktop PC has been cut to $863. The PC 3010 comes with an Advanced Micro Devices' 166-MHz K6 processor, a chip Digital adopted in June of 1997, when it became the first major vendor to utilize the K6, introducing it in the since-renamed Venturis line.

Digital price cuts
Model Processor Old New
PC 5510 300-MHz
Pentium II
$2,567 $2,042
PC 5510 233-MHz
Pentium II
$2,086 $1,769
PC 5100 200-MHz
Pentium MMX
$1,507 $1,329
PC 3100 200-MHz
Pentium MMX
$1,077 $999
PC 3010 166-MHz
Pentium MMX
$969 $900
PC 3010 166-MHz
MMX-enhanced K6
$899 $863

The price of a 3010 with a 166-MHz Intel Pentium MMX, meanwhile, has been reduced to $900. Also, a low-end 3100 with a 200-MHz Pentium MMX chip drops to $999 from $1,077.

The largest price cuts in the Digital PC 3000 and 5000 series come at the high end, where Intel's Pentium processor are used exclusively. The 5100 model with a 300-MHz Pentium II chip falls to $2,042 from $2,567, a 20 percent decrease.

The price cuts come in advance of next Monday's announcement by Intel of new Pentium II chips, code-named Deschutes, manufactured on an improved process. The announcement will include a upgrade to a new top speed of 333 MHz as well as chip price cuts. (See related story)

"It's a necessary step, but it's not earth shattering," said Roger Kay, computer analyst at International Data Corporation, of Digital's reductions.