Digital sub-$900 PCs get cheaper

Digital cuts business PC prices by 20 percent in advance of next week's major announcement from Intel.

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Digital Equipment (DEC) clipped prices by up to 20 percent on its line of business PCs, lowering the cost of sub-$900 and sub-$1,000 models as well as high-end machines.

Digital's lowest-priced desktop PC has been cut to $863. The PC 3010 comes with an Advanced Micro Devices' 166-MHz K6 processor, a chip Digital adopted in June of 1997, when it became the first major vendor to utilize the K6, introducing it in the since-renamed Venturis line.

Digital price cuts
Model Processor Old New
PC 5510 300-MHz
Pentium II
$2,567 $2,042
PC 5510 233-MHz
Pentium II
$2,086 $1,769
PC 5100 200-MHz
Pentium MMX
$1,507 $1,329
PC 3100 200-MHz
Pentium MMX
$1,077 $999
PC 3010 166-MHz
Pentium MMX
$969 $900
PC 3010 166-MHz
MMX-enhanced K6
$899 $863

The price of a 3010 with a 166-MHz Intel Pentium MMX, meanwhile, has been reduced to $900. Also, a low-end 3100 with a 200-MHz Pentium MMX chip drops to $999 from $1,077.

The largest price cuts in the Digital PC 3000 and 5000 series come at the high end, where Intel's Pentium processor are used exclusively. The 5100 model with a 300-MHz Pentium II chip falls to $2,042 from $2,567, a 20 percent decrease.

The price cuts come in advance of next Monday's announcement by Intel of new Pentium II chips, code-named Deschutes, manufactured on an improved process. The announcement will include a upgrade to a new top speed of 333 MHz as well as chip price cuts. (See related story)

"It's a necessary step, but it's not earth shattering," said Roger Kay, computer analyst at International Data Corporation, of Digital's reductions.