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Digital offers Y2K support

The company rolls out new programs and services to help its customers deal with the Year 2000 problem.

Digital Equipment (DEC) today rolled out new programs and services to help its customers deal with the Year 2000 problem.

As part of the Maynard, Massachusetts-based company?s Year 2000 Readiness Program, today?s offerings will assist customers in their millennium preparation by providing Year 2000-ready products, tools, services, and information centers positioned around the world, the company said.

The Year 2000 problem, or the millennium bug, boils down to this: Many computer systems use software which tracks dates with only the last two numbers of the year, such as 97, instead of 1997. When 00 comes up for the year 2000, many computers will view it as 1900 instead, leading to potential failures.

To help customers deal with increased storage demands for Year 2000 fixes, Digital will provide StorageWorks, a departmental storage subsystem. The system is capped by a leasing offer to ease the cost of purchasing additional storage required for Year 2000 conversion in multivendor environments.

For inventory and assessment of the Year 2000 status of Digital products and selected partner products, the company rolled out System HealthCheck, an assortment of support services. Using automated tools, service consultants will perform onsite auditing of a company?s infrastructure.

"We?re extending the pattern of solutions we provide our customers to help accelerate their Year 2000 remediation projects," said Sherrie Konkus, vice president of Digital Year 2000 Solutions Marketing.

She said Digital is confident it can now offer products across the whole Year 2000 project, addressing assessment, testing, and fixes. "We?re looking to release more test tools in the near future," she said.

System HealthCheck is available today. During the first phase of the program, Digital and resellers will sell the service and Digital will deliver it. Starting this quarter, Digital will roll out a program for channel partners to deliver all or part of the services to customers.