D-Link unveils superfast, compact wireless-N access point

D-Link announces a superfast and compact wireless-N access point for home users.

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The D-Link Rush Access Point Dong Ngo/CNET

LAS VEGAS--If you want to upgrade your wired network to wireless-N, you probably want to wait for the newest access point from D-Link.

The company unveiled at CES 2010 its most powerful consumer access point ever, the D-Link Rush (DAP-1560) wireless-N access point.

According to D-Link, the DAP-1560 will bring home networking to a new level of performance for those who demand the fastest streaming of high-definition content, such as movies, HD video, and photos. The new access point features a 4x4 antenna design that helps boost the power of any existing router with up to 600Mbps wireless speed and great signal coverage.

The device is compact enough to fit in your palm and comes with four detachable antennas. It has only one WLAN port on the back to be connected to a router, and it supports Wi-Fi Protected Setup, which allows for quickly adding wireless clients to its network via the touch of a button.

The access point is a dual-band selectable device and transmits in the 2.4GHz wireless band for applications such as surfing the Internet, or in the 5GHz wireless band for HD media streaming. This also means you won't be able to use both bands at the same time.

Apart from working as an access point, the DAP-1560 can also be set to work as a wireless adapter (or bridge) for Ethernet-enabled clients, such as video game consoles, digital video recorders, or computers that don't have built-in wireless adapters.

The new access point has a designed wireless speed of up to 450Mbps when used with adapters of the same 4x4 standard. However, it works with all existing wireless adapters at the cap speeds of each card.

D-Link says that the DAP-1560 access point will ship during the first half of the year. More details, including the price, will be available then.

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