Cybercrime and punishment

On the docket: money transfers tied to Net gambling, and a spammer's sentencing. Also, a manual for tech-challenged gumshoes.

CNET News staff
On the court docket: money transfers tied to Net gambling, and sentencing for a convicted spammer. Also, cybervigilantes and a Justice Department manual for tech-challenged gumshoes.

Neteller founders face money-laundering charges

Former directors are arrested for allegedly laundering billions of dollars in illegal gambling proceeds.
January 17, 2007

Police maintain uneasy relations with cybervigilantes

London-area police are working with certain cybervigilante groups as sources of information in the fight against online fraud.
January 17, 2007

AOL phisher faces up to 101 years in prison

Found guilty by a jury, a California man faces time in federal prison for sending out e-mail scams and related crimes.
January 16, 2007

Feds offer cybercrime tips to local cops

Because many police agencies may lack computer skills, the Justice Department created an investigator's manual.
January 16, 2007

Google plugs account hijack holes

If left unpatched, the vulnerability could let hackers modify third-party documents and view e-mail subjects, search history.
January 16, 2007

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FBI warns of twist in extortion phishing scam

Pay no attention to e-mails, purportedly from the FBI in London, stating you were next on a murderer's hit list.
January 12, 2007

Police blotter: Silicon Valley burglars busted

Two men are accused of orchestrating at least 12 late-night computer burglaries of tech firms around Sunnyvale, Calif.
January 12, 2007