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Cumetrix to open online stores, shares leap

The computer-equipment distributor will launch one site for real-time configuration and purchase of systems, and another for auctions.

Shares of Cumetrix Data Systems burst their seams today after the company today announced plans for two online stores scheduled for launch this quarter.

The national distributor of computer equipment and provider of system-configuration services saw its stock rise by 2.375 to 6.125, or more than 63 percent. Cumetrix went public in April 1998 and has traded as low as 3.56 in the previous 52 weeks. It's closing high is 7.25.

The company said that one store would carry a large selection of computer-related products and peripherals, and allow customers to use a real-time configuration menu to order customized computer systems, notebooks and servers.

The second store, an e-commerce auction Web site, will conduct around-the-clock auctions for a wide array of computer-related hardware, software and systems to the retail, reseller and other end-user markets.

Internet retailers in general are coming off their most profitable sales this holiday season.

"The introduction of our e-commerce sites will represent the culmination of months of detailed planning and development of an infrastructure to support the full-scale launch of an Internet division based on a well-defined e-commerce strategy,'' said Cumetrix CEO Max Toghraie in a statement.

The company said it hopes to capitalize on their relationships within the industry within the industry to build its e-commerce initiatives.