CSC steps into customer relationship management

Computer Sciences announces CustomerConnect as part of a formal step forward into the customer relationship management market.

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Computer Sciences today announced CustomerConnect, the company's customer relationship management practice, as part of a formal step forward into the customer relationship management market.

Addressing an audience of nearly 800 attendees at its annual user conference, Alex Black, a partner with CSC's Consulting Group, highlighted the importance of the fast-growing front office market as he previewed the company's customer relationship management services offered under CustomerConnect.

While CSC has provided customer relationship management services and components to its clients in the past, CustomerConnect is part of the company's CRM initiative, providing its services and offerings under a single point of contact with a brand name.

Michael Klaus, a CSC vice president, said that CSC's formal move into the customer relationship management practice was "just a natural migration" for the services provider.

During a speech given this morning, Black said that CustomerConnect is CSC's offering to enhance customer relations that are critical to maintaining growth.

"What you want to keep in mind?is to identify with your customers, design long term, implement short term, and maximize customer relationships to maximize profits," he told attendees.

Through CustomerConnect, Black said that clients will be able to give a single point of contact to their customers, to integrate information the customer needs into the customer contact center or call center, and to integrate the sales force, call centers, and Web to deliver one answer with a single phone call.

Black gave the example of how customers and clients can use the Internet in order to personalize systems. Similar to a My Yahoo screen, customers have the capabilities of a "customer self-care page" where they can figure out what the status of an order is or place an order, which he said is the convergence of call centers and the customer care Web site.

"What's going to happen is sales forces are going to shrink," Black said. He added that businesses are going to see these functions combining to adapt to these ideas.

During the 3-day conference, Black said that CSC will cover areas like return on investment in the CRM space and what e-commerce strategies are developing through various workshops that highlight the importance of customer relations.