Credit union beefs up database security

IPLocks will help Western Corporate Federal Credit Union meet government security requirements.

Ed Frauenheim Former Staff Writer, News
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Ed Frauenheim
Database security company IPLocks on Monday said Western Corporate Federal Credit Union (WesCorp) picked its technology to improve security and comply with government regulations. IPLocks said its security product performs tasks such as detecting violations of database security policy and malicious changes and analyzing user access patterns "to ensure secure, authorized business operations."

WesCorp has invested in traditional network security technologies such as firewalls, which help control access to the network, and intrusion detection systems, which log network traffic appearing to come from hackers attempting to gain access, according to IPLocks. "The missing piece was a way to understand who or what is accessing the data itself to ensure the security, integrity and availability of the database and assets--the data," Christofer Hoff, WesCorp's chief information security officer and director of enterprise security services, said in a statement.