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Creative HS-1200: Wireless headphones for PC gaming

The Creative HS-1200 headphones combine full duplex functionality with wireless technology for the serious gamer or VoIP enthusiast.

The HS-1200 in the flesh

Are you a hardcore PC online gamer who's constantly restricted by the always-too-short-or-in-the-way cable on your headset? If so, Creative's new HS-1200 may be just the ticket. It's a fully wireless headset--the first such full duplex stereo model (according to the company), which means it can simultaneously send and receive audio. The PC headset will work with any VoIP or voice application, but Creative is aiming straight at the PC gaming market. The HS-1200 communicates with your PC via a USB transceiver that's about the size of a hockey puck--which also includes a separate umbilical cable used for recharging when the headphones are not in action. (It just plugs in--no cradle required.) Unfortunately, the battery is locked in and not replaceable, so charge degradation over time may become an issue.

On the design side, the microphone extension on the HS-1200 is such that flipping it up will turn it off--just bring it back down and the microphone is ready for use. The headset itself has four buttons: volume up/down, power, and call pickup (for using the HS-1200 for VoIP and communication applications when you're away from the desktop). The USB connectivity is designed to guarantee plug-and-play Windows connectivity--no software installation required.

Look for the Creative Labs HS-1200 to retail for $150 when it becomes available this spring.