Countdown to HP's March madness

As next month's crucial shareholder vote draws near, merger foes are making themselves heard.

CNET News staff
HP to Hewlett: My ad's bigger than yours
The ad war between Hewlett-Packard and shareholder Walter Hewlett is heating up in major metropolitan newspapers. A Hewlett adviser expects the ad battle to get worse.
February 21, 2002 
HP merger opponent gains support
A Prudential Securities analyst picks apart Walter Hewlett's recent arguments against the Compaq merger and agrees with some of his points. She also predicts the merger will fail.
February 20, 2002 
Poll: Oregon HP workers against merger
update A survey commissioned by David W. Packard finds that HP employees in the Corvallis, Ore., area don't want to merge with Compaq.
February 20, 2002 
Hewlett's "focus and execute" strategy
With a month to go until a shareholder vote, Walter Hewlett tries to make a stronger financial case for rejecting Hewlett-Packard's planned acquisition of Compaq Computer.
February 19, 2002 
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Opening up about HP
newsmaker Amid an escalating war of words with Hewlett-Packard's board, Walter Hewlett tells the inside story behind his opposition.
February 14, 2002