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Compaq's new lineup

As it merges with Digital, the PC leader is undertaking a new strategy that changes its product and executive lineup.

The leading PC maker is undertaking a new business strategy that will change the company's product and executive lineup. On the eve of completing its merger, Digital CEO Robert Palmer is notably absent from the team.

Compaq shuffles management
As expected, mostly Compaq executives will guide the PC maker after its acquisition of Digital Equipment.

PC deal a boon for SyQuest
The maker of removable hard disk cartridges moves on news that it has signed a three-year pact with Compaq Computer.

Computer keyboard skirts Windows
Compaq joins a club of PC makers to prove that a little ingenuity is all it takes to dodge Microsoft.

Compaq launches consumer PC campaign
Low-cost Internet PCs, a retail build-to-order program, and new notebook computers come on the heels of its gains in notebook market share.

New company for Alpha chips due
Samsung will provide details on a new subsidiary charged with marketing Digital's Alpha architecture chips.

Compaq teams with Net giants
The PC maker and several Net firms give the one-stop shop model a push in Compaq's new Internet PC.