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CNET News Daily Podcast: What we'll see in the next Windows, Office

'Doom' creator wins phase one of lunar lander contest; Google settles with authors, publishers over its searchable, online book library; and MTV brings its music video archive online.

Reporter Ina Fried gives us the skinny on what Microsoft is cooking up for its next version of Windows and tells us how a Web-accessible version of Office will work.

Also in this podcast: the man behind the video game Doom wins the first level of the X Prize Foundation's lunar-lander contest; Google reaches a settlement with authors and publishers over its searchable online library of books; and MTV opens its vast archive of music videos--old and new--to people on the Web.

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Today's stories:

Next version of Office heads to the browser

Screenshots: Browser-based Office

Windows 7: A better Vista?

Screenshots: Windows 7 Ultimate Build 6801

'Doom' creator wins first stage of lunar challenge

Google reaches $125 million settlement with authors

MTV Music is, like, the raddest thing ever

Yahoo opens wiring to developers Tuesday