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CNET News Daily Podcast: MLB scores a patent on location tech

Reporter Greg Sandoval talks about Major League Baseball's first-ever patent and the league's tech prowess.

Major League Baseball won a patent on its subscriber-locating technology yesterday. CNET News reporter Greg Sandoval drops by to talk about how baseball uses it for its customers and why the league is so far ahead of its pro sports peers in its understanding and application of technology.

Also on today's podcast: Is Microsoft making a hybrid Zune-Xbox? Popular iPhone app Shazam gets sued, along with Apple, AT&T and many others; and the astronauts working on the Hubble Telescope have a few tense moments.
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MLB scores a tech patent

Zune-Xbox gaming device in the works?

Hulu questions count of its audience

Apple, others sued over Shazam app

Muscle power saves the day for Hubble

Google revises AdWord trademark policy

Playing with Windows 7's Slingbox-like feature